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About us

Manuel Felipe Romero, CEO and founder of the Mango Biche Mía brand, initiated this project in 2015, being the pioneer in introducing Mango Biche to the United States. He began his journey by exclusively selling at Farmers Markets.

Over time, he established a network of partners and franchisees to expand his brand across the United States. His reach and motivation have led him to also expand the market to Europe. As of today, Mango Biche has over 39 locations and plans to continue expanding the brand worldwide.


Our mission

Our mission at Mango Biche Mia is to set a benchmark for health and well-being in our community. We're dedicated to offering access to delectable and nutritious Mango Biche creations. Rooted in this mission is our passion for crafting a diverse menu, to meet the unique dietary preferences of our customers. Join us in creating a community where every bite of Mango Biche brings joy and promotes well-being. Welcome to a flavorful paradise where health meets happiness.



Our vision is to continue being the largest Mango Biche company in the United States and perhaps the world. We strive to lead through constant innovation, embracing the challenge of continual improvement. Our goal is to become the top choice for an increasing number of individuals, promoting the consumption of healthy and delicious snacks. We envision a future where Mango Biche Mia is synonymous with the joy of choosing wholesome and tasty treats."


A great choice for today

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